Saturday, September 4, 2010

a tid bit about Dryden.........a gem of mankind

We rolled in to dryden at dinner time with lodgings on the mind. Hoping that we can find a much better choice in under a hour to be able to have the evening to ourselves, playing cards, games and enjoying the night!

Our "NEW" modified no plan, plan materialized from the thought process of the alpha male in this house hold, and I must say is quite inventive......."where ever you see hydro guys stopped for the night, that is where we will go"

What a fantastic idea, and true to the word.....we a found clean, comfortable, animal friendly and smoke-free digs. Also under $100 tax included.

The wonderful thing about a small town is that they all have the family restaurant that provides travellers with the homemade selections of comfort food......and dryden didn't disappoint.

With the local boomers having the daily special of Salisbury steak and choice of veg, we met a kind old fella with a wonderful french dialect. As my ear zeroed in on his mobile conversation only recognize he was calling his mate

Sephora and I passed him several times and each time we passed he spoke in his beast Donald duck voice....stopping Sephora in her shoes. I was at that point flooded with memories of my childhood of making the same request to my uncle Paul to talk to me as Donald only to giggle in hysterics. The generation gap seems so large that day between me and my kids, it was a lovely memory to have. I am sure Sephoras memories will be slightly different as that voice to her is the sign of pre-historic times or dinosaurs and woolly mammoths. We both enjoyed the encounter with this gentleman just in our own ways.

off to Saskatchewan....via Manitoba.........


jc.hill60 said...

What great treasures we find along lifes path. Although the beauty of the universe is nothing to sneeze at it's the people we meet along the way that implant lasting & meaningful memories.xoxo So glad you guys are experiencing both!!!

Anonymous said...

hey girl you hitting alberta tonite?
i am just loving this heart skips a beat every km you get closer cus you are gonna shit !!! oh i miss ya, hows the kiddies and kitty and pup and of course the jeef myster

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