Wednesday, July 28, 2010

is the grass greener?

Having done the moving around from various cities, to tiny towns in lots of county's in Ontario for 17 yrs finding various renditions of the perfect shade of green to snatch up, dig up and to settle down on, this has led me, my hubby and two kids to call Huntsville home. For the first few years THIS WAS IT! We had found that particular shade that was the MOST appealing to our eye and our roots had spread through the ground nicely with our cozy group of friends, ideal country school and the house, the yard.....Until I get this feeling of being "TOO" settled. A feeling that for 17 yrs I've never had as I change when then the mood strikes but.....BAM there it is!

This shade of green that I loved so much has turned a little dull, that oh so lovely sparkle has been diluted by the hustle and bustle of settling into our community. As the question arise "Life.....Is this it?"
By putting the little bug in my hubby's ear, that whole life is short gig, your time is limited and the big question that I find a lot of people don't ask themselves "Are you happy in life?" (probably because they fear of the answer)

The only answer we could come up with is " Yep, but we could be happier" lol

It's no secret we love the outdoors as much in the winter as in the summer and Canada is our Home and Native Land which for me has not been explored outside of this province. We chose to head for the mountains, hot springs, vineyards of the west coast...... BC baby! And also that years Warren Miller movie was quite inspiring for all including our 4yr old at the time who says quite loud "I wanna ski down big mountains" So in keeping of the spirit of adventure we went home opened the map and told our baby ski bum "close your eyes and point"

Our instincts, with loads of research has led us to The Kootenay Rockies....anywhere will do as long as there is mountain to ski on, hot spring to slide into and a glass of vino in my hand. However the road to this new shiny patch of green, still needs to be travelled. It is a well beaten path that many have and will travel in this lifetime AND we are going to be one of them. As this is the second time that this idea has been visited....the first being 12 yrs ago by a guy I started to recently date who wanted me to head out west with him in his white van, which I declined as white vans are creepy. From that time on the thought of greener grass has always been in the back in my head.

So will we find that shade of green that is suppose to be on the other side?

As this adventure is now being revisited....the guy....well he has stayed the same....the van.....has slightly changed. Oh I have no doubts at all that we will find that perfect shade. It will be vibrant, shiny thick foliage....that in time COULD thin and dull just like the rest of colors, but it will be a blast!