Monday, December 6, 2010

How to tag a dogger

As I arrived on the cusp of ski season just in time to watch the snow line creep down the mountians I have come across the term "tuque and dogger. While reasearching the meaning of this word i have found:


a heavy stocking cap worn in Canada - origin 1870-75


a domesticated canid....I found many defininitions for this word and was amused the most by this one -a dispicable man or - orgin bef. 1050; ME dogge, OE docga

However this noun changes form into a verb when paired with an object ....I guess like a Tuque.

Tuque and Dogger

a heavy cap wearing individual who rolls into town primarily to ski with there dog in Canada
origin - Revelstoke locals 21 Century

This has described my whole family!

I picture this person to be a mid twenty's male, who lives by the seat of his pants with a jovial attitude of this life could lead to anything as the road is wide open. Except here he has a ozzie accent a smile to kill and the charm right from the leprechaun himself, somewhat the resemblance of my hubby minus the accent. ( and about 13 yrs younger )

I find myself at the bottom of RMR gondie watching my sweet little boy go on his first ride up the I am in my biggest puffy winter coat adorned with my tuque holding a squirmy 15mo baby who is crying NOOOO dad ( as I am sure she thought he was forgetting her) just a picture of pure mommyism.

I am waving like a total freak would at the passing gondie when I realize.........I am getting a big wave right back. I totally freeze and feel my face heat up as I am now aware that I am being watched . As this being approaches with his charming smile giving me back a huge wave he asks me..................

"you must be the welcoming paaaarty?" in this off the grid ozzie accent. I stammer some sort of response of how it is my sons first ride bla bla blaaaaa, he interrupts to ask if I am going to get a drink to wait.........

I look at my baby and said "well.....umm no I have my baby with me?????? wtf...........

"next time then" was his response.

Next time.......could the universe is telling me something? Could this be a glance at what my next life holds for me?
Back to reality and with a little ego boost, I am sharing my how I tag a dogger story with my most handsome other, but he doesn't seem to have the same reaction as me. You would think that he would be totally impressed that I was HIS wife.....instead i got this blank stare of....what? really? hemmmf!
As I secretly smile to myself and my new found fame of being a mom and I think to I just tagged my first dogger.
(well maybe my second as I tagged my first 13 yrs ago)