Monday, August 2, 2010

an ode to......

"My Ode"

As my days have been spent packing up our lives and fitting it all neatly into boxes, preparing for our pilgrimage across Canada, most of my thoughts have not been in Ontario. Packing up our precious cargo leads me to daydreaming of days to come, roads to travel and of course all the pictures along the way.

My reflection of this new adventure eventually leads to the thoughts of packing as many play-dates, bbq's and sights to see in Huntsville before we leave. At first my thoughts Vere to an "ode to" type memento to this wonderful town. Racking my head around writing such a poetic sequence was far fetched, but quite amusing that I had even thought of the idea. Through my love of taking pictures, a selection of photos will illuminate the joy and sentiment that Huntsville and Muskoka has and will hold for us.

As I look through my assortment of photos videos, wishing I could post all. I did notice that Huntsville has been the celebrations of many firsts for the Andrews family. We have enjoyed first birthdays, first days of school, first hair cuts, first ski boots. We have enjoyed this chapter of our life, the friends we have now, the fond memories will forever be in our hearts.