Monday, January 3, 2011

new things learned

My adventures in life have lead me up through Ontario and across country and straight up to Mt Mackenzie. No obstacle could of stopped me and my decisions in how I lead my life.....even the better judgement of husband doesn't even stand in my way. And when on those occasions where it all falls a part and my wonderful hubby is looking at me....all I can think is well it might of worked if only I did this one thing differently.

That whole you have to lie in the bed you make saying...leads me to never make my bed as beds are make for jumping on. (maybe not my current bed as it is some back friendly wood slated type thingy) My newest bucket list accomplishment is learning to down hill ski.......yes at my age! Against the better judgement of strangers who tell me I can't learn on a hill like this, or who look at me with wide eyes and with a cheeky smile and just nod, I am most determine to rock it!

OK so I started out with new to me boots a lovely grey Rossignol, multi use boot that has a switch to turn for walking....most important when carrying youngsters! And a pair of 150's just perfect for my first years of learning (Yes I said years) OOOOh did I mention that they are the same grey as my boots...a match made in heaven! Success is just around the corner as they look way tooooo nice to fail. My next defeat is to practice walking in these fine my husband has informed some of you.....

"my wife thinks because she can strut in her new boots that she is a skier."

OK so partly true, if I don't succeed at the skiing part. I can still wear then around the hill with a cute I wouldn't want then to got to waste. ( very logical for me.....and I know a few people who I know and wouldn't let any type of footwear go to waste)

First lesson: Me and three other adults were on our way to our first ski lesson called the Discovery lesson. I try to be the most punctual person when it comes to appointments...especially ones that include other people. This means as an adult who is also a paying customer I want to get the most of my 2 hour lesson. So, maybe I am the only one who has this philosophy in the group.......Really folks as an adult you should know to take the time for a potty break before your lesson starts. This means NOT when the lesson starts......

Up the gondie and down the starter hill consisted of my first lesson and with great success, my instructor has graduated me to the longer green runs. By longer I really do mean looooooonger.

As RMR green runs jump from a 50 meter run to a 15 km narrow ski race run and if you don't know where you are going can lead you right into the steeps....well the steeps through the eyes of a newbie is a blue run called sunshine....let me recap this a little.

A family and friends playdate was set at the ski hill for the wee ones to ski the bunny hill, have hot chocolate, snacks and have fun with all the friends. I was was pumped and ready to ski the magic carpet with Caleb and his pals....after a couple of runs I was eager to jump on the next run called the last spike, not to be confused with the the local pub the last drop ( which they should really have a bevvie pit stop on this run as it is SUPER long ) I ask my sons friend if I could tag along with him and his dad.....we will call him Frank if they decide to do a run. And I am eating my words a I promised not to stop and cry in the middle of the hill......

1/2 hour later I was on the second gondie with Frank and his kid getting ready to ski the the last spike....It all starts out good with me performing the perfect SNOW PLOUGH.....holy crap this is a green run.....and it even was highlighted in yellow as the easiest way down........oh lord have mercy....but I am doing it! I start turning, and picking up speed, but I am telling ya I can not keep up with this little 6yr old ripper and his dad...Frank who is completely supportive to my success of this first "real" run. He give the encouraging words, of bend those knew, hands out front....come on...your legs will give out if you don't stop doing the plough.....all this while he is skiing backwards about 25 ft ahead in a loud (bless frank and his words of encouragement)

So that being the high point and blissful part of the run it slowly starts to fade into the bleak feeling of fear. I should of questioned the fact that about 3/4 through the run Frank asked...."hey do you have a trail map?" NO...NO I sure don't have one as I am the newbie here and the second question was"do you want the longer way down or the fastest way down?" My legs were just about jello now I was one turn short of huckin my meat off the mountain just to get the H^&$ off. I chose the fastest way down....which led me straight to Sunshine.......

Sunshine is where a green run meets a blue/black run. I continue towards the edge of the earth and peak over and freeze....there is absolutely no way I can get down. Like I said the first clue would of been "hey do you have a map". As my fear froze me..........I had Frank's words of encouragement and a 6yr old who eventually took his skis off to wait for me looking up, and all I can remember is telling him I wouldn't stop and cry in the middle of the hill.......Let me tell ya ...I had a special place where Frank could put his words of encouragement at thiat

All said and done I slide on my toosh down till I was able to get my skis back on and get to the lodge...where the tears flowed freely.....and the waiting look of compassion with a little I told you so from my hubby as he holds our sweet baby sleeping.........

I thank Frank for his help that day, as I am sure a weepy scardie cat adult was not on his agenda for the day of fun on the hill. Up until this day Caleb had been scared to complete the last spike himself, due to the grandness of Mt Mackenzie coming from the hills of Ontario. We were thinking to ourselves geeesh this kids won't even give it the ole college try, he can and has skiied bigger and steeper. As his parents we know his capabilities and skills for skiing and all parents need to give those encouraging words and a little push in the right direction......

After my day and the feeling of being swallowed up my the Mt. myself....I am sure Caleb felt the same way.... we have now backed off and let Caleb breath in the mountain air and direct his own accomplishments.

I am also sure he had a special place for our words of encouragemnt as well........

(I am thankful for my day with Frank and his son and the "I am sorry" look has now faded from his
(We have let Caleb's Ski Instructor take the reigns, Caleb has now comleted the last spike many times as well as some blue off shoots, peanut trailing through trees and various jumps along the way, I have aslo overheard him having conversations with the lifties about how many POW days he has put in this season lol)
( I have had made my way down the last spike THE LONG WAY with much ease and enjoyment
I would love to ski with my son soon, but he skis way to fast for this mama)