Wednesday, September 15, 2010

good-bye moose jaw....hello Drumheller

Rolling into Moose Jaw at about 9pm on the longest day ever was......blissful. Again taking direction from my electronic inner voice of the GPS. The kids getting tired, hungry and ready to stretch their legs. I took direction and left hwy 1 at the first exit and entered "the jaw" with it hitting past dusk in unfamiliar surroundings, I am sensing the same feeling as Sudbury and this inner voice has led us AGAIN to a less desirable part of town. Sure the GPS route is a easy thoughtless process leading you into any neighbourhood and I do mean the "hood" Silence was broken by a very observant 6yr old dramatically declaring that he hopes he doesn't die here!

Great! Now I am tired and grumpy and wondering what the heck are we doing! As Jeff pulled up puzzled, I handed the GPS to him and said I am done for the day......your turn!

Taking the hint, hubby found a wonderful hotel "suite" with a cozy bed comfy pillows...I am sure he exceeded our agreed upon amount for nightly accommodations. Now having done a big stint of driving is it worth it to stretch your days to achieve maximum KPH to get a good lead on your travels.........I'd say NO! As the double thick curtains were closed, we slept through the night and good part of the morning, we are no further ahead then if we would of stopped early and started early. But the acconidations rocked!

Hitting the Alberta boarder was exciting, knowing that we were going to be in the company of an old friend this afternoon held our spirits high! But where are the mountains?

The hello sign came and went and there was still no sign of mountain to be seen, just large vast Fields of crops that meets the horizon. Now I get it! This is why people say the prairies are soooo long they go right into Alberta. I guess I was naive to assume that crop lands stop right at the welcome sign and the majestic mountains would be there to greet us....if you stop and listen I am sure you can still hear Jeff me!

Our destination for the day is Drumheller Dino capital of the world in Alberta. This day will be a slice as the wonderful hospitality of an old friend who has arranged our campsite for us at a great park.....on a long weekend. Again, the effect of the No plan, plan could of been detrimental to our travels...phew Thanks Terrina!

We kept driving and wondering just where would people go camping here? We then descended into the deep canyon lands of Drumheller.....this phenomenal wonder that mother nature has created in the middle of farm land is truly something to see and as mentioned before also the Dino capital. The worlds largest dino lives here, you get to climb up the dino and look out his mouth at the town of Drumheller. For a small fee of

Yes he is that big, that is Caleb and I on the foot of the Dino! We couldn't even get the head in the

The family who owned the campground housed lots of bunnies, wabbits and cottontails. This little one was the size of a 1/2 of a cob of corn. It was hours of fun for Sephora walking and chatting with her new little friends. Caleb on the other hand was gone as soon as his bike came off the trailer. After setting boundaries and gearing up the walkie talkies he was off with the local campground kids, hunting wabbits.

Happy to be out of the car and camping even if it was raining!

Whoever says 1 yr old can't camp have not met mine! Both of our kids love the outdoors and love to cuddle up at night in the trailer, boys on one side girls on the other.

The Hoodoos

I had not even heard of the hoodoos before arriving in Alberta. We almost didn't make it to see them as It was a last minute decision to meet up with Terrina before she left town. It was the most spectacular land formation, especially that we found it in the prairies. Enjoy the pics!

The fam:)

There was a stone path that led you through the formations.
It was very mucky from the rain, about 3inches of muck in my
boots, but fun none the less.

Terrina and me :)

Eager to get on the road we left Drumheller a day early as we were wanting to get past the boarder into BC. In the distance at the horizon line you can see the mountains forming....I know they look like pointy clouds with a silver lining, I was reassured they are mountains followed by another chuckle.

I have pretty much mastered my picture taking out the window technique but will be happy to be able to relax and enjoy the outdoors once we arrive in golden with my clicker!

I am leaving the next set of pix for my next blog as this one has taken me sooo long to produce.
Hope you enjoyed it


jc.hill60 said...

WOW!!! Great shots. I had no idea Canada was so diverse. Amazing terrain!!! So worth the hicups along the way...XOXO

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