Tuesday, September 7, 2010

the praries.........ooh how I enjoyed you

Our drive out of Dryden was rainy and grey and a perfect way to spend the day.......in a car heading out of Ontario. Ontario being the longest leg of our travels, seeing the end of it was exciting. Wondering about what the new terrain of our expedition will be like, we were happy to see the speed limit higher to 110 as we flee Ontario.

Hitting the Manitoba boarder came fast and confusing with being in the thick of construction we flew by the signs and visitor centres...as I am wanting the essential photo op of boarder signs. However this time it was not an option but am skillfully working on my picture taking and driving at the same time abilities....which seem to be coming along wonderfully as you will see in future blogs :)

Grey skies are lingering over us but in the horizon I can see lighter, brighter skies. Like my favorite fictional literature character Miss. Marianne Dashwood " Look! There is some blue sky! Let's chase it" And we did. As we took a turn off of tran 1, leading us to subway, not knowing that a simple decision as to eat in the prairies could lead us to a 20 min drive away from our target destination. None the less our tummies and tanks are full and we are ready for more.

Who says the Prairies are boring..........being a first timer in these parts, I found the prairies full of bountiful shades of green, fruitful labour of our farmers have been kind to us. I am sure at some point these large vast lands has feed me and my family at some point of our lives and I am taking this moment to appreciate this! Ok that is over now......the shade is great here is radiant but not the quenching green I am thirsting for.
ARRRR MATIE ! Prairie pirates!

With skies like these the future feels bright, we fall comfortably into finding shapes out of clouds. Dino's with big feet, tigers lieing on rocks and camels with 10 humps. The brilliant blue sky and the clouds that have quite clearly been painted with purpose in their place....how can anyone say this land is boring

We drove a good long portion of our day. This perticular day we started out in Dryden, Ontario passed through Manitoba and ended in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. The longest day of driving for the entire adventure.

At this time I should reflect on the how the rest of the family is holding up. Papa is tailgating in the uhaul behind me our wee man is hitching a ride between the two vehicles the little lady is with the mama. The pets are adapting to the travels in stellar mode. Only the one incident of Houdini the dog getting out of the uhaul in N. Ontario, in which the alpha male caught him by the tail just in time....phew. All in all we are all flourishing in this new life on the road.



jc.hill60 said...

Reading about the prairies has definately shed a new light on Western Canada! You actually make the experience appetizing....Yumm...Your pics are brilliant! XOXO :)

Anonymous said...

arent the sunsets beautiful in the praries as well !

Julie said...

Keeping track of you guys along the way. We spent 12 years in Saskatchewan. The thing I miss most is the beautiful Northern Lights! Farming was a good way of life, it's just to bad that we had to have full time jobs in order to support it! Julie

Wandering Northern Pixie said...

Cute CUTE photos! Sounds like a great trip. Funny how pets can Houdini their ways out, isn't it? My cat Stewart escaped out of the hotel room when I was in Texas. I can now laugh at it, but at the time, chasing him down a hotel hallway as kids screamed 'lookit the kitttttyyyy!' and as Stewart got even more freaked out and made a dash to hide under the ice machine was NOT fun. LOL.

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