Wednesday, September 1, 2010

on the road.......finely

Our closing day came and went without a hitch thanks to our wonderful hand picked team of Realtors and lawyers and coutos to the clerks as As we all know who does the most hands on work. We left 141 with a full load in our uhaul that had been bungied very tight in the back, not only for safety but the door wouldn't close. So ladies and gents if your spouse says "well, I think we may need the bigger truck".....just get it! With all said we have officially hit the road.


arriving in Sudbury the same night as closing so eager to get the heck out of dodge, with our handy early present from the folks a GPS. Surly having this little piece of technology this is the best part of the no plan, plan that we have decided was our plan. Until we arrive to our destination hotel in Sudbury, Greater Sudbury to be exact to get here you need to pass many many hotels, motels and the Hilton! But as our fearless leader I kept persevering through and industrial area which lead me to where I imagine the homeless spend there time with there pals to a Quality Inn. The look on my hubby's face was far from pleased....only to ask "Why didn't you stop, back there" Well this wonderful GPS as you most know talks to you and it kept telling me where to I went. My advise to all would be maybe the no plan, plan needs to be modified.


Keeping with the morning schedule of coffee at the hotel stopping in Sault St Marie for breakfast went as smoothly as can be. With Caleb, Jeff and the pooch driving the uhaul and me driving the cat and the screaming banshee in the van, lunch couldn't have come sooner. As I toss back treats to Sephie with skilled accuracy to keep the high pitch scream to a minimum I saw the 17 west sign with the trans Canada beneath and it was all OK. Especially when the cat meeeaowed and Sephora looks under her legs and beside her car seat.

Heading NW on the shoreline of Lake Superior hitting the outskirts of who knows where this beautiful rugged landscape popped up. As I climbed the hills and drove through the forests of Northern Ontario I was in awe of this beautiful peaceful place. We stopped at a look out and enjoyed the breathtaking view of cliffs and waves hitting the rocky shoreline. Then divied up the gift basket from the Nutty Chocolatier for our next portion of the drive.

The kids were lulled to sleep by the sweet sounds of Jack Johnson which gave us the long stint of driving we had been looking for all day. We finely decided to stop in Marathon with two happy kids and two parents who were satisfied with the driving and still had enough energy for some evening fun. UNTIL.......the hotel search, we decided to stop at the first one another travel lodge two nights a charm but could only provide a smoking room or a king size room. It was recommended that we hit another hotel down the road who accepted pets...yay! Not so lucky that time either. As I am unloading the bags Caleb asks me "where is the guy with the cart?" uuummm well this is not one of those kinds of hotels buddy......we enter the room and can't possibly stay here due to the horrendous smell. I wouldn't consider us the fussy type........just no really bad smells or smokey rooms

An hour later we have settled down at the Red Dog Inn In Terrace Bay, a lovely town right on Lake Superior with wifi as our cells have not had service since the Soux.

The road travelled thus far has been fantastic! The pets are unexpectantly great travelling companions and Caleb is on cloud nine driving in the uhaul and Sephie....well for the most part she has a smile but who knows what she thinks.


PS: a few people told us to get walkie talkies.....which may be our next purchase as we hit Thunder-Bay which is our close to 1/2 way point to Golden.


jc.hill60 said...

The pics are fantastic!! Have fun in TBay!!! Love you XXOO

myhill60 said...

great pics,,send more
love dad xxxooo

Anonymous said...

love you ! isnt northern ontario the bomb! its no B.C but we are lukky to have some spectacular scenery here in our own backyard ! The kids sound like theyre doin great ! Keep on truckin!

jc.hill60 said...

Can't wait for the next post!!

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