Friday, July 1, 2011

hip to be square

Nothing says hipster like a batch of freshly canned pears as I delved into the world of canning I am realizing how hip it is to be square. When I think of canning I flash to the days of black and white and red gingham, with lush peach preserves and picnic BBQ's that was the ultra hip neighbourhood party of the 50"s. With mint juleps and old fashions I can picture a tray of canapes going around with triscuits topped with canned red pepper jelly while my look a like Don Draper is lighting the 'Q'

But back in Revelstoke where.................the sense of clean living is the family foundation. I am finding that with a little research you can find non-antibiotic food sources from animal products to plant life. The research part is the small local farmer who are not "organic" but raise their cattle consciously and leaves the consumer to be able to buy substantial products without the over priced "tag" of Organic on it!

My goal for my family is to try to be consumer conscious and to try out hand at self-sufficiency. We have already established the difference between wants and needs. By making the choice to move to a smaller community away from the speed shopping of box stores, made our lifestyle change come by quite easy..... the roll backs of walmart are a distant dream and easily forgotten. If we need a sweet treat I make it I enjoy picking the ingredients that go into my children's food and I have enjoyed the repercussions of my labour. (don't get me wrong....Jeff still will do the late night run to 7-11 you can lead a horse to water but damned if you can make him drink it.

We have already had an abundance of good health habits fine tuned in these last months and with the prospect of our gardens soon to be harvested, the days of self-sufficiency is well under way. I have planted our own home garden with the kids in mind. I have planted the easy grab lettuces and spinach's that can be grabbed in a jiffy for snacking while playing in the yard. We have had the springs first rhubarb to delight our pallets from our friends garden, which I also snagged some chives for my own garden. I am a firm believer in you reap what you sow, so I have been sowing each seed with care and well wishes to nourish our body and mind.....the more you put in the more you get out.....

As I am eager visit the Okanagan Valley for their abundance of fruit that I am going to buy in bushels to can for the winter. I am starting this year with buying a food processor (check) a water canning set (pending) and hopefully a vacuum sealer and I think I will be set. The delights of canning the kokanee will have to wait another season. (maybe)


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