Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Our communal garden plot has us busy with harvesting every couple of days and this week I am even offering up some fresh veggies to friends hand delivered in a basket! I am getting as much satisfaction out of my gardens as I hoped for, not alot of weeding and a whole lots of goodness. With saying that, I do know a few townies have stopped by to check up and put a hand in by pulling some weeds for fun! It has proven a gem of spot for the kids.... a few strawberries to eat on every time we go and if I go a the right time of day (just before lunch) I have even caught Caleb munching on some fresh rainbow chard!

Between swimming lessons, mother goose and a series of day camps I haven't had time to relax and bask in the sun...which is ok because the sun has bearly showed itself to us here in Revy. We have had a handful of sunny days but man o man when the sun is out it is HAWT! With the bustle of activities I was able to make it to our local watering hole and have a wonderful day with our two favorite girls and between drop offs I was able to hit the patio with my mommy friends for a bucket of I get as to why everyone bikes around here. The social aspect for us busy moms we gotta get it while we can and still make it for camp pick ups!
mt. begbie

Williamson's lake is a gem of a spot! I would of cringed of the thought to stay in such a camp area years ago but how the times have changed when raising kids. We have made it to the lake a couple times and had a blast as far as camping I am a fair weather mom mostly for everything and with such a wet season we are enjoying our own yard and campfire pit! And the view.......the view that is 360. As we are learning so much more about our mountains and trails and lakes here and around Rev we are looking forward to exploring in the years to come with the kids, as for now mini hikes, trail rides, hot spring dips and hopefully the odd canoe trip will have to do!



Bediels said...

Sounds like you are having a wonderful Summer, Andrea. I am super jealous of your veggie garden. You should see mine. :) It's sad, really.

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