Thursday, May 26, 2011

communal gardening

This summer we are going to be a part of the Community Garden in the town core of Revelstoke. I applied for this project for Caleb and I to do together. So far it has been a great experience for the whole family. We had a start up garden party...this was to build some garden beds up with soil and to build some tomato fences, fix a brick wall and start our beds off with seeds for the communal areas. It was a beauty of a day and this project for Caleb and I turned out to be a family affair. Jeff met the kids and I at the plots and jumped right in with a fellow work mate to construct the tomato structure, Caleb dug right in there moving old bricks and delivering new bricks to where the broken garden wall was being re-constructed and little miss......well she does what she does by removing all shoes and excess clothing and digging in the dirt!

It was a lovely evening of family time mixed with meeting new people. Working with others for a common goal such as this communal garden has proven to be much more rewarding then expected.

These are the first few pictures of our communal plot many many more to come


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