Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring has Sprung

I used to wait for spring by watching the snow melt before my eyes, waiting for that particular smell of spring to fill the air! Now the signs of spring are so very different, here in Revy we move the snow off the driveway and on the grass during the winter dumps and when spring arrives and the melt starts we move the snow off our grass back on to the driveway for it to melt!

Another sure sign of spring is when the town starts moving snow piles by dump truck......gotta love Revelstoke winters. I was a little weary by all the "oh the season is so long" comments and the" just you wait till the snow comes" remarks.......I think some people forget that we actually moved here for the Spring has definitely sprung.....we just have snow still!

March Break

Our town has great resources for families to use....both kids have enjoyed gymnastics and our newly found enjoyment has been the Revelstoke Train Museum. Being that CP rail is a major player in the history of the west...we have ALOT of trains that come in and out of this town and also being a big contender of our economy. With that said I am actually baffled that we don't have a stop in Revelstoke for the train....with the RMR growing and the town enduring the pains of the little big town I am hoping to see this change for our future!

Railway Museum

The sure signs of spring are all in the streets playing ball, jackets are being traded in for hoodies and I have seen the odd tennis shoe out in the streets. I am gearing up for the on coming months of bike riding, hiking and walks to schools maybe a couple more shotskis.......for now I will accept the raining and grey sky's for the last few weeks to help clean up the rest of this white stuff. OK not really white anymore, It has the stale dirty feeling of winter as the brilliant white has turned grainy with gravel. I am told however that we do live in a rain forest region ....another new find!

A spring walk around the neighbourhood

For now I am going to enjoy my first spring in Rev through my lens around town. I am still a little taken on the clear days when the mountains are so mighty and the sun is so bright. As our 6 month mark has just passed it has amazed me to think it has only been this long. I am where I am meant to be.......and it feels really good!

A bike ride on the green belt, which we can access right down the street!

Our back yard literally

On the green belt

my view from my window


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