Wednesday, August 31, 2011

too much of a good thing............

Too much of a good thing is STILL to much.......even if it is a good thing!

As I send off one of my most allied comrade in to her new phase of life which will include many wonderful elements of new culinary delights, different jogging paths new play dates and the interesting facet of living in a different capacity on a university campus as a shabbychic-green mama. (which I am hoping she will blog about)  I know for me I will dearly miss my  partner in shoeless biking, wine glass breaking, husband torment with our Witty isms and all the kindness she has shown Sephora and the no hold bar chats her and Caleb have had. She has taught me lessons in the art of living naturally, in our hearts she will always be known as Chi-Chi!

(Chi-Chi is only moving about 6hrs away and will be returning for a month at Christmas, but it seems a world away right now)

Thinking of their new adventure and all their mixed feelings of excitement, fear and anticipation of life's changes reminds me of our own life's change which has happen exactly a year ago today.....Like Chi-Chi I was packing up a u-haul on the 31st of Aug embarking on a new path, leaving behind a much endeared life and friends. I can't believe it has been one year since this has happened. We have settled in quite fast and securely here in if this town was situated just waiting for our arrival!

Our decision of making our life here has been everything we could ever ask for! Our ski hill is a bus ride away, the schools here are fantastic and anywhere we need to go we can bike or walk..............we have condensed our life into being more self-sufficient and environmentally conscious in raising our mountain kids! For this upcoming winter I am preparing for the hibernation season by canning our fresh local foods into having the seasons delights all year long, Our local butcher has had it's opening just in time to fill up my freezer and with the market shares that will get us through the winter I see our future trips to the grocery store few and far between! If this hard work materializes into my above vision I will have reached my goal for 2011!

no post would be complete without a picture

yummy lemon curd


Tereza said...

oh my, that looks soo good! i'm doing some canning today my self.
Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

Andrea said...

Thanks Tereza! Canning has been so much fun this year, looking forward to all the great food to come this winter!

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